Thursday, March 10, 2011

PubLic Speaking : Moments of The Heart

Rasulullah saw.said: " there a reward to every act of kindness you make"  If you do best, then you are in good hands of Allah swt. The Ar - Rahman, The Ar Rahiiim..The Al Waduud. HE LoVES you as long as you are trying your best. Don't let syathan comes to you and worries you that you are relying on Allah and Allah puts you in a situation that you hate it.

Rasulullah saw also said:  " Allah makes every person's way easy for him. what is destined for you is going to reach you and when you feel urself where you are suppose to be, Allah swt will make it easy on you"  This is the greatness of Islam. the easiness of Islam. The beauty of Islam. Please rely on allah swt.  Be close to HIM. Work on your hearts. Work on your intentions. The people who reLy on others are hopeless. As described in the HOLY Quran : The life at the bottom of the ocean, on top of it is a wave, another wave and another wave. Very dark omninous  clouds.." Because they have no hope.You have hope on Allah. You are made to fight another day. They may have this victory but they have no hope.

This is something mazing about our religion. Muslims walking everywhere but not smiling to everybody tells that they have no tawakkal. Not relying on allah. No tranqulity and peace in their lives. ..The onLy protected are those with sound hearts. Free from ills and no defects. Let's find rest & stillness. the desires to be calm. We don't let or hearts to experiemce tranquility. we forget that we are in the hands of allah Taala. HE's perfect and strong and what he wants will happen. Al qawiii Wal Qadiiir...

Do not let syaithan comes to you telling you thet Allah is not going to deal with you justly. Do not let syaithan fools you. Allah swt will not abandon you. Be kind to all creatures..human beings n animals. HE who gives unconditional LOVE shall lead to to brighter paths, Better future  n Greater success!  Your problem is a problem in the heart. You do not trust Allah swt fuLLy. There you go, having so many problems in your lives n the many moves you make, without referring to HIS teachings, later drive you to being 'insane'...' mental blocked'  or even worse,  'confused!'

Let's protect our hearts from all illness. Be more kind n sharing LOVE with many... Let's make earth a peaceful place to live in. Happy ever after!

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