Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you ready to be an advanced English speaker and…

"Speak Real English Confidently."

Dear Friend,
Do you feel embarrassed when you try to speak English?
Is it difficult for other people to understand your English speaking? Do they sometimes look confused when you speak?
Is it difficult for you to understand English language movies and TVprograms?
Do you sometimes feel shy about speaking English?
Do you want to speak real English to native speakers? Do you need to understand North American and British speakers easily and automatically? Are you tired of textbook English, and need to learn real conversational English?
Is fast and automatic conversation the key to getting a better job, meeting new people, and improving your life?
“I am really glad and thankful to you for making me understand the best method to learn English. I have been following your methods and it is working well.”
See Thara
Our names are Kristin Dodds, A.J. Hoge, and Joe Weiss. We have created the Advanced Conversation Club to help you understand real English conversations.
As you know, the English used in textbooks is not real conversational English. Textbook English is very formal, and is most useful for writing.
In real conversations, speakers use different vocabulary (especially idioms), different pronunciation, and different speed (faster!).
To succeed, you need to understand and use real conversational English, not textbook English.
Our Advanced Conversation Club teaches you to speak real English easily and automatically.
“I followed your advice. I used the lessons exactly as you said. I downloaded the lessons and listened to them everyday. I used your schedule. Now I can really speak English! I’m so excited. Thanks for helping me finally speak English!”
Mercedes Pintado
As a member of our exclusive Advanced Conversation Program, we send you a new real conversation every month.   We teach you to speak advanced real English confidently and easily.  We teach you to use real English without thinking or translating.
Of course, we always use conversations about positive, useful and interesting topics.
Can I Immediately Try A Lesson?
When you become an Advanced Conversation Club Member, you start learning now-- today!  All of our lessons are DIGITAL, so you get them immediately.  You don't need to wait for the mail!  You don't need to pay extra mail costs.
Instead, we immediately send you an email with a link-- and then you download all of your Advanced Conversation Lessons for the first month.   Then, every month we send you a new SET of advanced lessons. 
You play the lessons on your computer, iPod, or any other device.
Learn advanced REAL English easily in the car, on the bus or train, while you cook, while you walk, while you shop..... Download the lessons right nowand you learn anytime, anywhere-- effortlessly.... starting right now!  No need to wait for the mail!
Each audio file contains exactly what you need to speak real English easily and fast, starting right now. Become a member today.
As an Advanced Conversation Club Member, each month you get a new:
Real Audio Conversation: Each month we record a real, spontaneous conversation. We don't read. We don't plan every word. We have a real conversation using totally natural English. You learn idioms, slang, true pronunciation. You also learn to understand real conversations at full speed.
Video Commentary: In the video commentary, every month we explain the real conversation and help you understand it. We explain difficult idioms and slang. We explain the cultural topics we discuss. We help you completely understand the entire conversation.
Listen & Answer Lesson: This is our most powerful lesson.  In this lesson, we use the special story technique-- and you learn to understand and speak advanced real English very quickly.  No more translating.  No more thinking in your language.  You will think in English, and you will speak English automatically.
Point of View Advanced Grammar Lessons: This is the most powerful way to learn advanced grammar.  You do NOT study grammar rules.  You just listen to the different stories and you  learn how to THINK correct grammar when you speak.  No more thinking about grammar rules.
Text Guide: Of course, you get text for all of the above lessons. You have text for every word in every lesson. The text guarantees that you will understand everything.
Start the Advanced Conversation Club now!
Membership Bonus:  Advanced Conversation Club Member Site
As a special bonus, you become a member of our Members-only Social site. 
This is like an exclusive private social website site like Facebook -- only for Advanced Conversation Club members.  Advanced Conversation Club members are our special members.  You get our most advanced lessons.  You get special surprise bonuses.  You get the best of what we have-- always!
When you join the Advanced Conversation Club today-- you also become a member of the Advanced Conversation Club Site!
Try Today- Just $1
Today, you can try our Advanced Conversation Club for just $1 (for 10 days).  When you join today, you immediately get an email with a link to your first SET of lessons.  We know you will love these lessons!
When you continue with the program after the 10 trial is completed, your membership continues at a cost of $37 per month until you cancel your membership.
If, however, you choose not to continue your membership, you can keep this first set of lessons for just the $1 trial price.
When you continue as a member, we will send you a new SET of advanced lessons every month.
People often pay $4,000 - $6,000 dollars for seminars and classes.
Students in San Francisco pay between $400 - $800 dollars a month for English classes.
But you don't have to pay $400 a month for our Advanced Conversation Club lessons.  After your $1 trial for 10 days, you don't even have to pay $97 a month.  Rather, when you continue as an Advanced Conversation Club Member, you pay only $37 a month.  Every month we send you a new set of lessons.
Now is a time to change make a change. Change the way you are learning English. Try these powerful lessons for $1! You may change your life!
Amazing Special Price
Simply click on the gold button to register now:
NORMAL PRICE - $67/month
JUST $1 (for 10 days)
$37/month thereafter
(By joining, I understand I will be charged $1 now, and then $37 in 10 days, and each month thereafter, unless I cancel my membership. I can cancel my membership at any time.)
Buy Now

Terms: Cancel anytime.
As this is a monthly series with new videos and resources each month,
no refunds are allowed. But cancel anytime by emailing us or replying to the email you receive each month with your new lesson set.
You can cancel your membership at any time. Try our Advanced Conversation Club for only $1 and speak real English confidently and become more successful.
You are joining a very special group. Every month we will send you a new Set of Lessons-- a new Real Conversation, a new Video Lesson, a new Mini-Story Lesson, a new Point of View Grammar Lesson, and a new Text Guide.
We know you will love being a member. However, if you choose, you can cancel at any time... no worries :)
We're so happy you have decided to be an Advanced Conversation Club member.
Thank you!

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