Saturday, July 2, 2011

SENsiTIvITy : A Friend In NeeD is A Friend In DEed ... Or Either way ... it wOrks )

No NeeD tO bE aNGry ?

    ( Posted by :  Lawrence Yc Yong )
    Why do you become very angry when someone scolds you?
    I cannot find any reason to be excessively angry because there must be a reason why that person scold me. Here are some possibilities:

    1. He really cares for me and that is why he takes the trouble to scold. So if he cares enough to scold instead of letting me be what I should not be, why must I be angry?
    2. He doesn't understand what I am doing. Since he does not understand, why should I be angry?
    3. He scolds me because I am doing something wrong or silly. So again, why should I be angry when I can correct my mistakes or improve myself?

    What about those who scold for apparently no reason at all?
    Well, I would just consider him to be full of hot air and just someone who needs to release in a negative way. I may even consider him to be a sadist, lunatic, or moron who should be distanced as far as possible. I will learn not to be like him or lower myself to his level.

    Is there any reasons to be angry?
    In fact, no matter who scold you, there are lessons to be learnt.

    We are actually being educated to be a better person somehow when we are scolded...

    Conclusion: There is No reason for you to be excessively angry, Agree?

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