Saturday, July 2, 2011

SEnsiTiViTY 's BAcK : StrIctLy JoKes... Just 4 LaUGhS !

FeeLing tense ? Here's sOMeTHing to CoOL U dOwn! 

JokeS for the moment:

College Boy: My Father's name is laughing and my mother name is smiling.
Girl: You must be kidding...

College boy: No, that's my brother I am joking...



Teacher : "What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?"
Pupil : "A teacher".


TEACHER : What is the plural of
mouse ?
Pupil :Mice
TEACHER : Good, now what's the
plural of baby ?
Pupil : Twins !


Patient: Doctor, I think that I've bitten by a vampire.
Doctor: Drink this glass of water.
Patient: Will it make me better?
Doctor: No, I but I'll be able to see if your neck leaks.


Patient: I have one problem, doctor..
Doctor: which problem?
Patient: When i talk i can not see the person.
Doctor: when it happens?
Patient: On the Phone.


Officer-----what Is Your Name?
Candidate----m P. Sir
Officer--------tell Me Properly
Candidate------mohan Pal Sir
Officer--------your Fathers Name?
Candidate------m P. Sir
Officer--------what Does That Mean?
Candidate------manmohan Pal Sir
Officer--------what Is Your Qualification?
Candidate------m P. Sir
Officer-------(angrily) What Is It?
Candidate------matric Pass
Officer--------why Do You Need A Job?
Candidate------m P. Sir
Officer--------and What Does That Mean?
Candidate------money Problem Sir
Officer--------this Discussion Nowhere, You May Go Now
Candidate------m P. Sir
Officer--------what Is It Now
Candidate------my Performance.?

An american, a chinese, and a sardar are staying together in a prison.
An officer passes by the american and asks him: ''How high can you jump?
American: 1 meter.
Officer: Ok give him one sandwich.
He passes the chines and asks him the same... question. Chinese: 2 meter!
Officer: Ok, give this man 2 sandwiches.
Sardar overheard the officer so he prepared himself so he could get more sandwiches. as the officer asked him: How high can you jump?
Sardar replied: 5 METER! !!


Father To Son : If You dont pass your Exams this time Don't call me DAD ,
After some days..
Father : How is your result ?
Son : Sorry Mr. Albert ... !!! ...


Santa: I'm a proud father. My son is in m! edical college.
Banta: What's he studying?"
Santa: He's not studying, they are studying him!


MBA Professor:Girl: You would be a good dancer except for two things.
Boy: What are the two things?
Girl: Your feet.


 What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?
STUDENT: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl!


Husband & wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is liver & wife kidney.
If liver fails, kidney fails. If kidney fails, liver manages with other kidney.


Father: Wat did u learn at school.?
Kid: Give and take.
Father: Good.
Kid: Yes; I gave Ramu a punch and took his lunch.. :) :)


Kid asked mom on seeing her breasts: What is this?
Mom replied: Balloons.
Kid asked: Why are yours so small? 
The maid has big ones.
Mom asked: When did you see?
Kid replied: Yesterday when dad was blowing them!


kid to dad: dad can we go to mcdonalds?
dad: only if u can spell MCDONALDS
kid thought for a minute and said
hey dad, I think KFC is better!!! :D


A Kid Was Beaten Up By His Mom
Dad Came And Asked
What Happen Son?
Kid Said: I Cant Adjust With Your Wife Anymore.
I Want My Own.

******************** More To Come ********************
                         Keep Laughing!

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